Supportive Groups for Founders

Starting and running a company is really, really hard.

But what’s even harder is you can’t really talk about that, because every investor, candidate, and teammate is expecting you to be the relentless visionary charting a perfect path for your company. It’s no wonder you feel constant pressure to know all the answers.

Pace Groups are small groups of 8 to 10 people going through the same thing, led by amazing emotional health professionals - to meet virtually, support one another, and learn from each other.

Benefits for founders are similar to those of exec coaching, at a fraction of the cost. Pace Groups meet 90 minutes a week, billed every 12 weeks. Groups are $45 per week.

Hi. We're Pace.
Pace brings people together to work on their mental and emotional health
You and 9 peers
Weekly 90 minute video session
Led by a world-class facilitator
Meet a Pace member
Team up to afford the best
Amazing facilitators with extensive group emotional health experience, rigorously evaluated and selected. 10% accepted as Pace facilitators.
Executive Coaching Session: $250
Individual Therapy Rate: $300
Pace Group Per Week: $45
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"It blew away all expectations about what I thought this would be. It's nice to have a group that understands what I'm going through and is talking about deeply personal sh*t from day one."
— Founder, seed-stage startup