Mental & emotional health groups for moms

Pace is a different take on mental health for moms that is more affordable than therapy and proven to help. Find support and joy in small virtual groups, handpicked for your life, led by world-class facilitators.

  • Connect with other moms online

  • Small group settings

  • More affordable than therapy

  • Judgement free

  • Proven to help

  • Only $45 per week

Pace brings moms together to work on their mental and emotional health, wherever they are. Sign up at no cost and find the right group for you.

Hi. We're Pace.
Pace brings people together to work on their mental and emotional health
You and 9 peers
Weekly 90 minute video session
Led by a world-class facilitator
Meet a Pace member
Team up to afford the best
Amazing facilitators with extensive group emotional health experience, rigorously evaluated and selected. 10% accepted as Pace facilitators.
Executive Coaching Session: $250
Individual Therapy Rate: $300
Pace Group Per Week: $45
As seen in
“I felt so much better after group this week. I feel like this group is medicine.”
— Member of a Moms Group