How it works
Pace brings together small groups of 7 people to open up, get below the surface, and share things they haven't told their best friends.
Our approach is different
You may have heard of traditional peer support groups which offer a space for people to give and receive support from others going through the same thing. You may also know about group therapy for diagnosed conditions like addiction or depression.
Pace combines aspects of both—the power of peer support with expert facilitation to create an experience that you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.
Pace is for everyone
Pace is for people who are going through the typical challenges of life, but who may not need therapy or counseling right now. For people currently engaged in individual therapy, Pace can be complementary, a place to practice new skills and learnings.
Pace vs. the rest
Pace Group Therapy Peer Support Groups
Fun & social
Feeling heard, gettting support
Expert facilitator
Structured & guided
Focus on well-being and growth
Focus on problems & diagnoses
Covered by insurance
What we ask of you
We ask members to commit to meeting weekly. 100% attendance is expected, but we know that life happens and you may need to miss a session or two.
Attending meetings on time and being fully present without distractions is the only requirement. There’s no homework or videos to watch between meetings.
The Experience
100% Online Meetings
Attend 75-minute sessions each week from the privacy of your own home. Meet using our video platform from your computer or phone via the Pace app.
Led by Warm, Open-hearted Humans
Your facilitator is selected for their experience leading emotionally deep, cohesive groups. Facilitators are authentic, curious, insightful—and adventurous, too!.
Real, Authentic Sharing and Connection
Pace becomes your weekly practice of being real—being vulnerable, feeling emotions, and having honest, direct conversations with others.
Overview of a Pace Session
  • The Reset. We start sessions with a short video with a grounding exercise and intro to this week's session.
  • Check In. Members check-in with each others' feelings and answer this week's question.
  • Conversation. Your facilitator will guide the group in a free-flowing conversation—with the goal of authentic sharing, deep emotional connection, and personal insights for each member.
  • Check Out. Members share what they're taking away from the session.