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A group for the entrepreneurial minded. Join us if you're an entrepreneur, considering a career change, or share the same drive to build something from nothing.
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What Members are Saying About Pace
You’re in good company—Join our diverse community of members and unlock emotional connection together.
"I love it b/c it holds me accountable to hold that space and time in the week to talk about my shit and hear about the common humanity. This is a place to talk about the real and hard stuff and to show up for others."
Laurie Dolan
"After the first Pace Group, I felt I'm not alone in my journey right now. There are people there to support me, and that is an awesome feeling."
“It's like learning more about yourself through discussions with others”
Joan Nguyen
“I ❤️  Pace! My group members listened to me and could really empathize with me as a female CEO & founder. I felt empowered and comforted knowing that I wasn’t the only one feeling loneliness ‘at the top’.”
"I can't make it next week and I was so heartbroken that I have to miss it."
Ali McCowan
"I feel happier and stronger than ever. Pace helped me more in 12 weeks than 4 years of individual therapy!"
“It's like learning more about yourself through discussions with others”
Michael Oberling
"I felt energized and relieved. My group helped me think differently—and clear some hurdles—that I had in my mind."
"I was having a hard time this week and thought about you guys and... I just felt less alone."
"Pace did such a good job at matching me to my group, I was surprised at how connected I already feel to these people so early on."
Marge Hudson
"Pace is my favorite mid-week self-care checkpoint."
Bob Baxley
"I've been surprised by how much people have opened up."
"My experience with Pace is still relatively limited...I have a lot of feelings of gratitude, gratitude for the organization, for my friend who introduced me to it, and gratitude for the other women who participated in the group."
"I didn't think I was going to like it as much as I do.""
"It’s been a pleasant surprise. The group that I’m in has a really great spread of individuals with various backgrounds, the structure allows me to expand outside of my usual friendships. It’s really refreshing."
Wade Bonkowski
"It was comforting to hear that other people went through similar things. And hearing what was good, what was bad, and what they would change."
Yumi Perkins
“After Pace sessions, I feel contemplative and proud. Proud of myself for carving out time in my week for myself and for supporting others, too. It’s a good reminder that I deserve a consistent outlet for healthy emotional expression.”
“I am so grateful to have joined Pace. I feel more connected to others, less alone in my experience, and supported. To someone in my situation who was considering Pace, I’d simply say: DO IT”
”I feel like a weight has been lifted, I’m in such a better mood following the meetings, I felt energized and more productive, like I could get back to what’s really important and free to do the things I wanted to do... everyone should have the option to do these groups"
"Makes me feel less of a freak... [Pace is using] technology to work against the isolation and loneliness"
"Biggest benefit has been listening and learning about what other people are thinking"
Niki Sri-Kumar
"Pace has given me an outlet and space to think through problems and get perspectives. A safe sounding board."
Jennifer Ho
“During the pandemic, I felt isolated because I was living alone and most of my friends weren’t in the same situation as I was. My Pace group helped me realize that I’m not alone in my experience and it doesn’t make me ‘less than’.”
"I'd give it a 10 [out of 10]. I'm surprised at how vulnerable and open everyone was in the first session."
Laurie Dolan
“I felt so much better after group this week. I feel like this group is medicine.”
"This [group] is so impactful, because i'm seeing it translate into the real world."
"It blew away all expectations about what I thought this would be. It's nice to have a group that understands what i'm going through and is talking about deeply personal shit from day one."
Marge Hudson
"I'm a secret introvert and was afraid I'd keep my guard up and not share. But, as folks started to be vulnerable, it made me want to share, and at the end of 90 minutes, I thought, 'That was really fun!'"
"I am grateful for their willingness to show up week after week, with the good, the bad and the ugly...because I think that that's where the strength was derived. I am grateful for the peacefulness and the lessons that I have gotten so far. And I want to keep going."
Wade Bonkowski
"I just had a very emotional Pace group. It was probably one of the most helpful things for me in years."
“Pace is a mental wellness platform that allows you to expand yourself emotionally and mentally in ways you might feel held back on in life”
Yumi Perkins
“A big takeaway for me is that I can be totally authentic with my feelings and be seen, heard, and validated.”
"It's a sacred space where we can share and we're always looking out for each other."
"I can relate to each person in some way, no matter what they bring in. I feel connected to these people and it's only session 2."
Jennifer Ho
“I connected with like-minded high-achievers who value self development and personal growth. Pace created an environment of mutual trust, appreciation, and respect that allowed us to shepherd each other through tough situations.”
"Pace is a group of people coming together to share and support one another and the therapist is like a conductor."
[Before being in this group] "I hadn't had a chance to heal before this and being in this group has been transformative."
Niki Sri-Kumar
"Pace is a group of random people that I've grown very fond of who, for some inexplicable reason, like listening to me talk about things I'm worried about."
“Somewhere to feel connected and make meaningful adult friendships”