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Pace Groups are led by world-class facilitators chosen for their extensive experience leading groups. Fewer than 10% of facilitator applications are accepted.
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Dr. Adrienne Heinz is a licensed psychologist who conducts research and clinical practice in the areas of resilience, trauma, anxiety, and substance use. Dr. Heinz is a research scientist for the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs at the VA National Center for PTSD and Stanford University School of Medicine where she develops, evaluates, and implements digital mental health interventions.  As an entrepreneur, her practice specializes in providing founders a healthy tune-up and helping companies build sustainable workplace cultures that optimize both mental health and the bottom-line. 

Alex Hattick (she/her/hers) is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and therapist situated in Long Beach, CA. She is passionate about mindfulness education and creating a safe atmosphere where any emotion is welcomed and met with a sense of care and curiosity.

Alex received her Master of Social Work and BA in Psychology from California State University, Long Beach. She has spent several years working in a variety of settings with children, adolescents, and young adults and has found her niche in the relationship between true self care and anxiety reduction.

Passions outside of her work include practicing mindfulness, cycling, taking care of her pup and plants, and making music.

Allison 'Ali' DeCamillis (she/her/hers) values creating opportunities for authentic and meaningful connection. As a life-long learner, she approaches group-work with curiosity and creates a safe space for diverse perspectives within an environment of compassion, creativity and playfulness. She welcomes both laughter and tears.

Currently, Ali is the counseling manager at Jewish Family and Children's Service, an adjunct faculty member at Adler Graduate School and specializes in grief/loss, cancer support, end-of-life, caregiving, and being an imperfect human. As a board certified art therapist and licensed professional clinical counselor, she has worked with people across the age spectrum in healthcare, community and studio-based settings .

As a military brat, Ali grew up with a love for travel and adventuring; she has moved over 27 times and has lived in 9 different states/countries. She and her family permanently landed in Minneapolis, MN where she can be found enjoying yoga, jumping in lakes, sketching in a hammock, taking her cat on walks, cultivating community, laughing with friends, and exploring with her two awesome kids, creative husband, and their road-tripping cat.

Ali Swan is a PCC ICF certified Executive & Life Coach, owner of Hi Kindness: A Leadership Company, entrepreneur, artist, and facilitator. She is known for her warm, caring, and empathic, body-based coaching style and has an uncanny ability to help clients feel safe and uncover what is beneath the surface. She is passionate about helping people find their joy, nurture their souls, and create a life and career they love.

Ali is originally from a tiny town in the Midwest, has an MBA, and has continued her studies which include formal certifications on body-based, team, and neuroscience-based coaching techniques. She has over 14 years of experience helping leaders, teams, and organizations as an executive and team coach, organizational effectiveness consultant, and facilitator. She believes life is better shared through meaningful connections and that we all deserve to have, live, and create a “full cup” life.

When not coaching or facilitating, you can find Ali at the beach, singing or writing a song somewhere, or laughing with a good friend or family. 🤍

I'm Allie, a journal-filling, nature-loving coach, educator, and somatics practitioner. I believe in the innate worth, creativity, and wisdom inside of us all. I love how groups remind us of this through our deep connections with each other. Having been deeply changed by the peer groups I'm a part of, I find it meaningful to lead groups here with Pace. As a guide, I aim to create spaces where each person can feel seen, reflected in their potential, and like they belong here. When we connect in this way we support each other to embody who we truly are, live from our values, and grow into the vision we hold for our lives. I've worked with hundreds of individuals, entrepreneurs, and emerging leaders throughout my career and I learn something powerful about what it means to be human every time.

Hi there! I am so glad you are here. I'm here at Pace to help others experience the many benefits that come with authenticity and connection!

Connection is such an integral part of living a well-balanced, healthy, and happy life. One of the most important things to know about me is that I am far from fact, I am a mess and I actually believe that we all are. So, if I happen to be gifted with your presence in my group, know that you will be greeted with compassion, openness, honesty, and authenticity. I can't wait to connect with you.

I have chosen to become a Pace Facilitator because I believe in the immense power of connection. I have witnessed first hand how facilitators can make a space feel safe, inviting, and inspired. I love being the guide, and creating the safe space for conversation, ah-ha's and inspiration! If you're in my group expect to have fun, dive deep, relax and enjoy the experience.

My greatest gift is my ability to leave people better off than when we met; inspired, energized, hopeful, confident and supported. I spent my early career in corporate: marketing, operations, sales, human performance, employee development and customer experience. Burnout and toxic work environments led me to go my own way, embracing life as an entrepreneur. I shifted gears into creative and design spaces, exploring my fun, artistic side. I've now come full circle, combining all of my career and life experience in the coaching space. As a professional coach, my passion is inspiring people to lean into all life has to offer, embracing all their experiences with an open mind, seeking to shift their mindset knowing they are getting closer every day to a life better than they could have ever imagined. I am on this journey myself! I am not "fully baked" either and strive right along with you. I bring professional expertise and personal experience with an encouraging, constructive and uplifting approach.  I will become your biggest fan, and this is the energy I bring to my groups here at Pace. In group, we tap into the vast wisdom in the room to improve our own life experience. We laugh, we cry, we share, and we give each other unconditional support in a fun loving and curious environment. In my free time, you can find me playing with my granddaughters, hanging with family, reading, exploring, traveling, centering myself on my yoga mat or laughing through my dance workouts. 

I was born in Puerto Rico, as a young teenager, I always found myself, counseling to friends, teachers, and family members. My natural charisma and leadership skills made me an informal counselor and motivator for people to overcome their limitations. After college, I invested 18 years in sales and marketing, where I realized that I had made those decisions and many others based on what others expected of me. Becoming a high achiever from an early age, I graduated with honors from UPR with a major in Human Resources and later completed a master’s degree majoring in Marketing. From the outside my life looked good but, on the inside, I was always unsatisfied. I have chosen to be a Pace Facilitator because it alings with my passion and purpose in life. I've created two signature programs where I have helped people create better inner connections by learning how to love and accept themselves. Learning how to deal with feelings of uncertainty, rejection, and lack of belonging. In these group programs, I have led people into greater awareness of their inner strength and power. I find that the greatest benefit of group facilitation is the mirror effect where we can see ourselves and share our humanity together. As a facilitator, you can expect from me empathy, connection, and complete openness. I'm very energetic but also very compassionate. I strive to embrace my contradictions and grow from them and I will help you do the same.

Husband, father of a 12 year old, living in Honolulu and working at Pace.

Hi! I’m Andrèa D. Wells! I’m a Dating & Relationship Coach Matchmaker helping people attain and maintain love. For me, Pace feels like coming home. I wanted to become a facilitator to participate in creating the magic and growth of meaningful conversation. I have a background in creating connecting groups with topics that range from relationships to wellness. I cherish the wisdom that is released in the time and honor the openness of the participants.I want my future group members to know that I bring a fun and uplifting energy to my groups that are also understanding and compassionate. Expect to leave feeling encouraged and better than before every time we have the opportunity to meet!

Rev. Andrea “Ani” Vidrine serves as an interfaith minister, psychotherapist, hypnotherapist, spiritual director, and continuing education workshop facilitator for licensed professional counselors and social workers. In whatever service modality she is offering, Ani incorporates her 25 years of experience teaching yoga and her in-depth study of the enneagram personality typology system to empower people to overcome obstacles to vibrant living, increase somatic awareness, and find inner peace. She has been a Pace facilitator since March 2021.


Rev. Ani received her M.S.W. from Louisiana State University, graduated from The Shalem Institute for Spiritual Formation’s programs, Spiritual Guidance and Leading Contemplative Prayer Groups & Retreats, and subsequently graduated from One Spirit Interfaith Seminary, receiving her ordination as an interfaith minister. Rev. Ani joined Shalem's staff in 2019 and is currently in the dissertation phase of her Ph.D. studies in Integral & Transpersonal Psychology at The California Institute of Integral Studies, researching the enneagram personality typology system as a tool for personal growth.


Rev. Ani was married to Aaron Hebert for 24 years until his death in September 2022 and has two grown sons, Zack and Joshua.  Hiking at Louisiana’s Chicot State Park Arboretum, camping, singing, playing Spades, and sitting on her porch are some of her favorite pastimes.

Ann DoQui, LCSW (pronouns she/her) is a friendly and caring professional. As a group therapist she is passionate about creating an emotional space that allows participants to feel supported, while also having fun and working on personal goals. Ann DoQui received her Master's Degree in Social Work from Boston University. She specializes in both trauma recovery and addiction medicine. In her personal time, Ann tends to her garden to create both beauty and fresh food, and she loves spending time with her pets, husband, and kids.

Anne Barber (they/them/theirs) is a licensed therapist who loves to connect with people to encourage healing and guide authentic growth. Anne guides clients to connect to their wisdom within, and encourages healing to release burdens from the past to foster future growth.

Anne is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who received a Master of Social Work degree from the University of Southern California. Currently, Anne practices privately, and has worked in many environments including healthcare, corrections, hospice, and community mental health programs. Training includes EMDR, DBT, CBT, Compassionate Mediation/Couples Therapy, ACT and IFS (Internal Family Systems) and Anne is a culturally-sensitive, identity-supportive therapist.

Outside of the therapy space, Anne enjoys spending time with their family and pets, is an avid reader, enjoys pilates and yoga as well as connecting to the outdoors.

Aseem N. Garg (he/him/his) specializes in fostering a safe and empathic space for sharing deep and difficult thoughts and feelings. His passion is in helping others reach their truly limitless potential by uncovering the stories that have been problematic previously and in helping to re-author them.

Aseem earned his Master's degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Akron in sunny Akron, OH (LeBron's town!). He has worked previously with adolescents experiencing mental health and addiction issues as well as with oncology patients and their families. Currently, he works as a private practitioner in the areas of sexuality, relationships/couples work, and gender identity/dysphoria.

Outside of Pace, Aseem loves to spend time with his growing family either outdoors or playing board games. He also loves reading mystery novels and is always looking for a new author/title to check out.

Aubri Tallent is an ICF and Trauma certified coach who has worked in the realms of mental health and post-traumatic growth coaching for the past five years. A former teacher at NYU, she switched to coaching in order to make a more profound impact on people's lives. She's helped hundreds of people find more ease, peace, and joy on the journey. She has seen the power of group connection both in her own life and in her work. She's excited to bring her compassion, empathy, enthusiasm, and humor to Pace groups! She has lived all over the world but now resides in California with two kids, two cats, and a pretty awesome partner. She loves time at the beach, reading spiritual and self-help books, and having random dance parties.

Hi, and welcome to Pace! As one of our Facilitators, I’m excited to come with you on your journey.  I joined Pace because I believe in its mission to encourage real + honest conversations for anyone who wants to experience them.  I love how Pace is designed for everyone—everyone who wants to form deeper emotional connections, who wants to work on the challenges in their lives with people who are willing to lean in and offer support.  I’m here to go on that journey with you as both a guide and fellow traveler.


Who am I?  I’m a Midwesterner, living in a University town in the heart of the country. When I’m not facilitating for Pace, I have my own coaching and evaluation company.  I have a wonderful, patient husband and two young adult children.  I care about fitness, and I teach multiple classes of Jazzercise and POP Pilates each week.  And we are a foster family for rescued Corgis, so I live in a house full of music, Corgi butts, and laughter.  I can’t wait to meet you!

Dr. Beth Warsof (she/her) is a developmental psychologist, professional certified coach, and international experiential educator. In her work, she cultivates spaces of curiosity, compassion, and courage to explore and grow in the magic, mystery, and messiness of human being.

I've been facilitating personal and leadership development circles for 17 years and enjoy watching people grow and deep connections form. I've found that in each process there is something for me to learn and grow from, so it's my pleasure to continue this work at Pace. My main interest is in helping people connect with their purpose and create lives and careers that fulfill them. I'm crazy about purpose, as it's the key to longevity, fulfillment, success, and authentic relationships. I've written 3 books and have co-written 2 books on purpose, and have had the pleasure to lead purpose-centric work for many organizations such as LinkedIn, Johnson & Johnson, and Stanford University. I look forward to connecting with you and helping you live a fulfilling, creative and connected life.

Bre (pronounced Bree) (she/her) believes that connection to self and others requires the collaboration of self and others in spaces that are empathic, culturally responsive, and curious. Humor and tears are cool, too. She has a knack for connecting dots in places that are not-so-obvious and is a natural educator.

Bre earned her Master of Arts from Hazelden Betty Ford Graduate School for Addiction Studies in Minnesota. The first season of her career was spent specializing in women’s experiences with substance use, dual diagnosis, and trauma. Her proudest achievement has been the curriculum development and facilitation of a 12-week program based on the research and wisdom of Brené Brown™. She now works in private practice collaborating with individuals across the lifespan and identity spectrums.

Bre is based in the Minneapolis metro area. Her favorite activity is spending time with her daughter. Bre is a writer, avid reader, photographer, wanna-be-basketballer, lifelong learner/unlearner, and practicing clinician. Her latest endeavor is learning to befriend her imposter syndrome (who simply cannot believe that second paragraph is real).

Breanna Herock (She/Her) is an empathic professional counselor who strives to create a comforting and safe space to grow. She understands the importance of developing a human connection with others to influence deep change.

Bre received her Master's in Clinical Mental Health Counseling in Ohio and has since worked in a variety of settings helping people overcome anxiety, depression, trauma. She specializes in adolescent issues and parenting, LGBTQ and sexuality, and emotional regulation.

When not working you can find Bre enjoying the outdoors, specifically in or near water kayaking, waterskiing, and swimming. She also enjoys reading, gardening, and spending time with friends and family.

Hi! I'm Brenna. As an ICF Somatic Coach, I've been on a journey of self-development and self-directed leadership for over 17 years. Experience has taught me to value a holistic view of mind, body, and spirit as a former semi-professional athlete, current martial arts student, and yoga instructor. I chose to become a Pace Facilitator because I believe that relationships and the ability to enjoy, learn from, connect, and grow together make our life's journey so rich. As a coach, I've helped hundreds of people from different backgrounds and experiences see themselves clearly, feel deeply connected to themselves and others, and actualize their potential. Growing up, I struggled with feeling a sense of belonging, which is why I cherish the power of community and connection so much now. Throughout my 13 years leading individuals and groups through meaningful, open-hearted conversations, members consistently say they feel authentically seen and heard. You can expect to experience warmth, laughter, tears, insights, and the invitation to be curious as we explore the nuances of seasons and surf the waves of life together. I want you to know that this is a safe space where all of you are welcome to show up, just as you are.

Hi! I’m Carissa. I’m a certified functional nutrition and lifestyle counselor, life coach, NLP, hypnosis, and mindfulness practitioner and I’m on a mission to empower people everywhere to create a life grounded in their wholeness and personal power. I chose to become a Pace Facilitator because I believe that emotional connection is at the core of both healing and growing. I’ve led groups through leadership skills, stress management, effective communication, and health-related topics, all with an emphasis on forming meaningful connections amongst participants to ensure that they feel safe and validated in their experiences. I value safety and encourage curiosity in groups. I do my best to create a safe space for everyone to share and ask questions.

Outside of work, I’m a Zumba instructor and dancing queen - you can probably find me grooving around, although I enjoy all types of exercise from weight training to running to yoga. I love learning and reading has become a passion, as well as journaling and reflecting on my own experiences. In a group together, you can expect to have deep conversations and lots of laughs - we do both when we’re together!

I am an ICF-credentialed coach and I'm also a mentor and program contributor here at Pace. My work as a coach is focused on helping people think beyond what they currently believe so that they can make meaningful and lucrative decisions that are aligned with what matters to them and with what they're great at.

My work at Pace is helps both our facilitator and our member communities. I'm here because I know firsthand how a supportive community can propel individuals to not only achieve joy and success but also undergo lasting transformation. What gets me out of bed is the opportunity to witness the "Aha!" moments that people have session after session. I'm 10 years in now and it doesn't ever get old.

More about me: I absolutely love the beach and sitting down for ice cream and laughs with my 6-year-old. I enjoy planting stuff I can eat and raising butterflies in my garden. Before I was a coach, I was in tech startups designing better ops and more empowering workplaces.

As for my groups, well, we have dynamic and engaging discussions. Expect to be seen, be heard, and feel less alone. Expect to be stretched and celebrated. Expect to (re)discover and embrace your own higher wisdom. The best "aha" moments come from within.

Cherri Walston is a Life Coach, Trainer, Podcaster, and Author who is excited about helping the Pace community exceed its goals. She is compassionate, empathic and understands personal/professional struggles, and has successfully navigated them. Cherri creates a warm, friendly, and welcoming space that is safe, empowering, and engaging. She is highly passionate about helping others connect their vision, purpose, and dreams so they can live their best life. She has centered her entrepreneurial career around empowering others to live beyond their perceived limitations and design the life they were created to live.

Cherri received her Master’s in Adult Education and a BS in Business Administration. She also received several certifications for Professional, Life Purpose, and Human Capital Coaching. She has held professional roles as Training Manager, Corporate Trainer, and Leadership Performance Coaching. Cherri specializes in leadership training, executive coaching, and aspiring entrepreneurship. Cherri is dedicated to helping you live a joy-filled, meaningful, and purpose-filled life! In her free time, Cherri enjoys listening to jazz and attending live concerts. She loves to play golf, travel, and spend time with friends and family.

I am a licensed health and well-being coach and NASM personal trainer with a master’s degree in organizational leadership. 

I am also a mother, partner, friend, and lifelong learner with a penchant for music, movies, travel, and adventure. 

My specialty is empowering individuals of all backgrounds to love themselves. My journey began after a series of health events at the age of 25, leading me to experiment with health and wellness practices like proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, sleep hygiene, and personal and professional boundaries. 

My life experiences (including sexual assault, teen pregnancy, and widowhood) have shaped my approach to coaching and propelled me to a greater sense of purpose. 

I am passionate about combining my love for health with my expertise in personal motivation and my approach is grounded in uncovering what is essential for members to thrive now and in the future.

I understand that each member has their own unique journey and set of needs. I do not believe in "one size fits all" templates or formulaic solutions. Together, we explore all aspects of well-being, including the mental, emotional, professional, and spiritual. My facilitation is grounded in partnership, where members work collaboratively to inspire and support each other in achieving their potential. 

I believe every person has the potential to be creative and resourceful. I honor them as the expert in their life. My role is to help navigate a journey of change, enhance self-motivation and regulation, leverage strengths, and build other psychological resources needed to achieve long-term success.

Cindy is an International Coaching Federation Associated Certified Coach (ACC) who cultivates a nourishing, safe, engaging environment for connection and flourishing to happen. She works with groups to cultivate connection, awareness, and action resulting in personal growth and fruitfulness for group members. Authenticity, connected relationships, whole person health, and living purposefully are important to her. Cindy specializes in navigating life transitions, healthy relationships, and whole person health and well-being. Outside of professional coaching and PACE, Cindy serves in healthcare. In her leisure time she enjoys gardening, spending time outdoors walking her dog Daisy, and enjoying her grown children and grandchildren.

Connie L. Habash, MA, LMFT, is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, yoga & meditation teacher, ecotherapist, interfaith minister, and author. Her passion is helping clients release stress, discover their authentic and empowered selves and cultivate a happy and meaningful life.

Connie received her M.A. in Counseling Psychology from JFK University in 1994, became licensed in 1999, and additionally has received certifications in yoga teaching, yoga therapy, ecotherapy, and an ordination as an Interfaith minister. She has taught in 3 yoga teacher trainings in the San Francisco Bay Area and offers online and in-person workshops, classes, and retreats.

When she’s not leading heart-centered groups, she loves exploring nature and hiking, gardening (imperfectly!), dancing, cuddling with her cat, and spending time with her husband and daughter.

Dr. Cydney Shindel is a licensed clinical psychologist who strives to create a caring and supportive environment that promotes vulnerability, connection to current values to drive behavior change, and the acquisition of skills to enhance people’s quality of life. She integrates evidenced-based approaches to tailor treatment, and she is passionate about the areas of aging and coping with chronic and terminal illness. 

Dr. Shindel earned her PsyD from the PGSP-Stanford PsyD Consortium. Over the course of her training, she provided clinical services at VA Palo Alto Health Care System, Stanford University, Institute on Aging, and San Francisco VA Health Care System. 

Outside of work, Dr. Shindel enjoys outdoor adventures with her family, friends, and dog as well as crafting, painting, and attending performing arts events. 

Elisabeth Purkis (she/her/hers- who also goes by Lizzie), is a social worker, college educator, and poet. During 20+ years as a social worker, Elisabeth fine-tuned her empathic ear, focused on helping folks feel seen, heard, and understood. She has worked with families across the lifespan, with a particular focus on supporting women in their roles as parents, and caregivers.  She loves teaching her craft, mentoring student social workers, and helping them on their journey to becoming caring, resilient human helpers.

Prior to coming to PACE, she created a pediatric oral health program at a public university, addressing barriers to care for underserved and immigrant families. As a white cisgender woman, who is also an immigrant, and a lifelong linguist, Elisabeth views her work through a lens of intersectionality and seeks to use her privilege to amplify the voices of marginalized folks.

In work and life, she has always gravitated to the group experience, and its possibility for connection and transformation. As a facilitator, she brings a calm and compassionate spirit to her groups.

Elisabeth embraces being a work in progress, and uses mindfulness practice, and yoga to help get her up in the morning. As a poet, she knows about the life affirming nature of the creative impulse, especially in turbulent times. Elisabeth looks for pockets in her day to explore creativity – writing haiku and other poetic forms. When she can escape further afield, she enjoys outdoor activities like swimming, tennis, and cycling. She aspires to practice her mandolin more often. 

Hi! I'm Erica, and I really love to connect with others.

Becoming a Pace facilitator allows me to meet incredible people and connect in a really special way. Being able to connect in a group feels pretty magical, I always realize that I'm not alone in my thinking, and that others are often going through something really similar. PLUS! They are also great at helping me get through it, so I don't have to feel by myself. Just so you know, I love to laugh, I'm super curious, and I love a good dance party. Groups are super meaningful together, with probably a bit of humor added in.

Erik (He/They), MA, AMFT, has dedicated himself to supporting individuals as they navigate the complex (and wild!) processes of growth, change, compassion, mindfulness, connection and belonging since 2004 as both a bodyworker and mental health provider. Currently residing in downtown San Francisco, he manages a city-funded program that connects LGBTQ+ older adults (60+) to affirming, trauma-informed online mental health care. Along with this role, Erik is a teaching assistant (TA) at his graduate school alma mater, supporting the next generation of practitioners in learning the art and science of psychotherapy.

Erik establishes a safe and supportive environment for every member of Pace, where they can feel empowered to creatively explore the obstacles they face and discover what brings them more joy. He hopes that the shared experience of an intentional group setting (where humor is recognized as a powerful tool!) will inspire members to tap into their curiosity, empathy and shared humanity and ultimately inspire others to do the same. "We're all just walking each other home." -Ram Dass

I chose to become a Pace facilitator because I was really impressed with the organization and the format and structure of the groups. It works really well - like nothing I've seen in my years of coaching/leading groups. In my professional and personal career, I've led a number of teams and groups. When I've gone through difficult times in my life - loss, divorce, parenting (postpartum depression), career changes, being single, I've found I naturally want to help others navigate their way as well. I've led grief, divorce, self-esteem and parents of LGBTQIA+ groups. What I value most about leading groups is what happens organically within a group where individuals are going through some of the same challenges. The growth and healing are exponential. As your facilitator, you'll find me to be on the quieter side but fully engaged. I've been told I am able to gently provide both space and energy in a group, following where the group needs to go and redirecting when necessary.

Gennifer (She/Her/Hers) is a warm and welcoming Trauma-Informed Coach who creates a safe space for authentic conversations and real connections. She comes to Pace after 27 years in the healthcare field serving patients from all walks of life who are involved in acute trauma. In her free time, Gennifer is busy living a full life of travel, hiking, and laughing with her 4 sons.

As an ICF certified Executive and Team Coach with a passion for exploring life's big questions and engaging in heart-to-heart conversations, I'm all about connecting on a deep, personal level. I believe that true growth and self-awareness come from these meaningful connections.

In terms of my professional achievements, my company serves Fortune 500 companies, helping them develop holistic leadership skill sets and strategies that focus on both high performance and well-being. I am a certified coach from Duke Integrative Medicine, a yoga and breathwork instructor, and I hold an MBA from North Carolina State University, along with a BS in Chemical Engineering. Additionally, I am a graduate of NYU's Inner MBA Certificate program, specializing in self-leadership and the cultivation of conscious, resilient cultures.

On a personal note, making and sharing wholesome meals hold a central place in my life. I'm a creative soul in the kitchen, finding my inspiration in cooking from scratch. When I'm not coaching or whipping up culinary delights, you'll find me backpacking and disappearing into the woods for days. Nature is my sanctuary, where I recharge and find my inner balance. Although originally from Turkey, I now call Raleigh, North Carolina, home, where I share life's adventures with my husband and our feline friend, Otter.

Heather is a Life Coach and Life Alignment Expert. She believes that we create our own reality. She is passionate about helping people find their power and then watching them change their lives! She has led many group coaching sessions in her own practice and is always amazed to see the connection between people who do not know each other and then become fast friends. This is why being a Pace Facilitator is so important to her. She is committed to a safe, respectful, non-judgmental environment that creates real connections. This year she became a published author with a chapter in a collaboration book, about her life as a single mom and how she changed her beliefs and created the life she wanted! When she is not working, Heather can also be found spending time with her husband, helping him make custom-made fire pits and lots of other cool metal art! She loves being with her 3 kids and her granddaughter too! Heather has been passionate about horses since the age of 2 and has 3 beautiful Lusitanos of her own. She loves road bicycling too. Heather has been an entrepreneur since she was 26 years old with her husband in 3 other business ventures. You can say she is a serial entrepreneur. She lives on her farm in Northeast Connecticut!

I'm Heidi Krantz, a certified professional life coach specializing in divorce, dating, and interpersonal communication. For fourteen years, I have been facilitating coaching groups and this has tapped deeply into my sense of purpose; it's what I'm meant to do.

When I witness the palpable energy shift in group members from discouraged to hopeful, from anxious to comfort, and from isolated to connected, it feels like a touchdown in the Super Bowl to me. I'd like my future group members to know that I've learned that there is an enormous opportunity within painful life transitions and that I believe they can find it too. In our groups, expect to definitely laugh, possibly cry, and to learn so much from each other about what we didn't even know that we didn't know!

JD Barton, PsyD is a licensed clinical psychologist and graduate from Pepperdine University. He completed his predoctoral internship and postdoctoral fellowship at UCLA. As a therapist, he specializes in techniques for implementing LGBTQIA+ and culturally-affirming practices within therapy and institutional settings and has developed expertise in trauma, and identity-affirming cognitive behavioral theory. He has worked in a diverse number of settings including university counseling centers, hospitals, neuropsychology clinics, and community mental health. 

Jamie Elzea, MSW, MPH, LICSW, IMH-E (she/her/hers) is warm, compassionate therapist at Nurtureways. As a group facilitator, she aims to create a safe space for authenticity, curiosity, reflection and growth. She loves the power of groups to learn from others' perspectives and explore our shared humanity.

Jamie received her Masters in Social Work and Masters in Public Health from University of Michigan, and has post-graduate training from University of Washington in early childhood mental health. Her career has included support of a wide variety of clients: college students; adults living with chronic health conditions; parents in the perinatal, early childhood and teen years; and supporting helping professionals in their own wellbeing.

Outside of Pace, Jamie loves listening to podcasts, going to the theater, being a fierce board game competitor, and adventuring in the Pacific Northwest with her boyfriend & kids.

Dr. Jean Miller is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Colorado, a Nationally Certified Counselor, an Approved Clinical Supervisor, an educator, and a researcher. She utilizes a person-centered, strengths-based approach, focusing on the holistic wellness of mind, body, and spirit. Life is a journey of self-discovery, learning, and developing into our truest selves, and she truly feels that it is an honor to walk alongside others on their journey.

Her background includes working with clients in private practice, community mental health, and higher education settings. In private practice, she provides counseling, coaching, and consulting services to individuals, couples, groups, and organizations. As an experienced educator and researcher, she also facilitates webinars, training, and professional development workshops. Her research focuses on the areas of counseling, mindfulness, holistic wellness, and transformational healing in grief and loss. She is actively involved in mental health advocacy in her role as VP of the Board of NAMI (National Alliance on Mental Illness), and women's advocacy work in her roles as Research Director and Community Advocate for MWC (Modern Widows Club).

Jean is passionate about music, spirituality, yoga, travel, lifelong learning, and most importantly, spending time with her loving support network of family and friends. Her biggest pride and joy is her family and her two incredible kids who are both changing the world through their creative talents and social justice advocacy work.

I'm Jennifer Paulino and I'm so happy to be part of the Pace community. I joined Pace as a Facilitator because I have the opportunity and privilege of bringing people together in a shared space of support, encouragement, and connection. In my career, I have been in classrooms, training rooms, offices, and virtual sessions with a common goal - to create joyful spaces where people can learn and grow, experience community, and show up fully for themselves and each other. What I cherish the most about facilitating connection in groups is the beauty, togetherness, trust, safety and joy that is created when people come together and support each other through challenges and successes. I want my future group members to know that I am someone who highly values trust, listens and cares deeply, and will be your biggest cheerleader. I want nothing more than to help extract the very best from everyone. In a group with me, you can expect a safe and calming presence, combined with a spark of energy and laughter, and lots of celebration for our shared wins, both big and small. Life is meant to be shared and celebrated; I can't wait for Pace members to be able to share in life, together.

Hello! Grab something fun to sip on and let’s chat! I’m currently settled in Birmingham, AL with my husband and baby girl, but I might be anywhere depending on the week. I have visited 49 states and 16 countries, building a rich global community that has expanded my perspective and my palate! I love reading science fiction, learning how to do anything I’ve never done, and exploring beautiful places. I am a nerd about people, psychology, and personality. As a Personal and Professional Development Coach, I thrive on supporting people in building their identity, confidence, and leadership through transitions. In a world where we are increasingly mobile, belonging is just as important as ever. Since I was twelve, I’ve been bringing together groups to have intentional conversations. Today, I facilitate group experiences as a friend, mentor, coach, and leader. What can you expect in a group with me? I want to know you! I love getting to know individual’s stories and what makes you shine, and I value being able to create spaces where we can be real and where people’s unique strengths and diversity of perspective come together to foster insights. I love growth and deep dives. We are going to get vulnerable, share our real feelings, and create a safe space to show up as whole people. We will laugh together, share stories, and make memories! Let's gooooo!

Jessica McBride MPS, LPCC, LADC (she/her/hers) creates a space that is is safe, respectful, culturally responsive, and empowering. She is highly empathic and in-tune with other people’s emotions and energies.

Jessica received her Masters in Professional Studies, a graduate certification in Addiction Studies, and a BA in Psychology, all from the University of Minnesota. She has worked in the field of addiction, has built outpatient programs, and currently has her own therapy practice. She also worked in Hong Kong, SAR for two years as a therapist and has seen that across the world people are yearning for the same thing: connection.

In her free time, Jessica loves to see live music, is an animal lover, and enjoys reading, running, travel, and connecting with her friends and family.

Joanna (she/they) is an artist, budding herbalist, social worker, and facilitator who treasures holding brave space for connection and transformation. She lives on Yuchi, Shawnee, and Cherokee land otherwise known as Tennessee, with her black cat Calendula and a pack of beloved, mischievous friends. She is a Jewitch practicing ancestral healing, committed to undoing racism and occupation. She writes therapeutic punk songs, eats yellow wood sorrel out of the ground, plays DND, and religiously attends a weekly online dance+costume party.

Dr. Joe Fineman centers his work on creating a safe, authentic and warm space that is free of judgment. As a psychologist, Dr. Fineman helps individuals experience a more fulfilling life by helping them move closer to their values. He is also actively involved in various diversity initiatives that aim to reduce inequalities for all groups.

Dr. Fineman receives his Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology from Palo Alto University in Palo Alto, California. Dr. Fineman has an established career working as Clinical Psychologist in the Veteran’s Administration, specializing in trauma services and spearheading many diversity, equity and inclusion training initiatives.

Outside of his professional roles, Dr. Fineman likes to travel, listen to music, read and play sports with his son. To replenish his spirit, Dr. Fineman engages in outdoor activities like kayaking, camping and biking.

As a Pace Facilitator, it is my privilege to co-create a powerful space for all to experience belonging. In fact, belonging is one of my core values. Having navigated numerous challenging transitions as a child and young adult, I've always felt compelled to create experiences where I feel seen and where others also receive the rare gift of feeling seen, accepted, and most importantly celebrated for who they are. Our Pace group is an exemplary home do this.

If there was a shortcut to becoming a Professional Coach I missed it! I spent the majority of my 20s in search of deeper meaning and purpose only to find myself in a revolving door of unfulfilling work. My sense of belonging was at an all-time low. After doing the tedious inner-work required I became a Professionally Certified Coach. Here I felt seen, accepted, and celebrated. I'd found my tribe. Since becoming a Coach I've personally guided many individuals and corporate teams through their own process of personal growth and development. Belonging still remains a core guiding principle. Our Pace group will be an uncommon place for participants to come home to themselves, uncover lost and abandoned spaces, and encounter a deep sense of belonging that nourishes the soul. Our end goal is simply to honor that which has each of us come a little bit more alive every single day!

Fostering, engaging in, and encouraging emotional connection are some of my favorite things! My name is Joy and as a nationally board-certified coach, I have facilitated hundreds of groups doing just that. I am a highly passionate and empathetic facilitator and I love digging deep, chewing on life and all its intricacies, and having those light-bulb moments with all the beautiful humans out there.I believe that emotional connection is the key to living fully. We were created for community with other people and I’m so glad you’ve taken the step to find that community in your life! There is a lot going on in your world, and sometimes you need a moment to stop, think, and decide the best way for you to move forward. In our groups, we will talk through these intricacies of life. We will ask questions and share with each other, learning about ourselves and finding new, effective ways of living well. Sometimes we’ll laugh about it, sometimes we’ll cry about it, but ultimately we will find joy, find connection, and find ways to keep moving forward.

Dr. Jude Austin (he/him/his) is a warmly confrontational professional who cares about helping others gain insight, build genuineness, and gain a sense of control. He facilitates a space filled with wisdom-based tension in which others feel safe and supported throughout the growth process.

Dr. Austin received his Ph.D. from the University of Wyoming before completing a residency in Norfolk State University's counseling center. He is now a Professor in the Professional Counseling Program at the University of Mary Hardin Baylor and a private practitioner. He is also a book author for the American Counseling Association and Springer Publishing Company.

Outside of Pace, Dr. Austin loves spending time with family and friends, traveling, biking, running, rowing, golfing, listening to Brandon Sanderson books, and watching Arsenal Football Club.

Dr. Julia Stone's (she/her/hers) has special interest in the treatment of trauma and posttraumatic stress disorder. Her compassionate and nonjudgmental style easily fosters an environment of safety and openness. Authenticity and acceptance are core components of her approach to enhancing emotional growth and connection.

Dr. Stone received her MSW from the University of Pennsylvania and her doctorate in clinical psychology from Immaculata University.

In her free time, you can find Dr. Stone refueling in the great outdoors, riding horses, mountain bikes, or surfboards, admiring a sunrise, taking walks with her rescue dog, or spending time with loved ones.

Dr. Julius A. Austin is a former collegiate and professional soccer player. As a psychotherapist, he helps people gain freedom of and responsibility for their choices by empowering them to become aware of the self, the environment, and the relationship between the two. He enjoys creating an environment of genuineness, trust, humor, respect, and spontaneity.

Dr. Julius A. Austin earned a Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision from the University of Wyoming and currently serves as a Clinical Director of a community based private practice and as a full-time Faculty member in the Counseling Program at Grand Canyon University.

When he is not working, he spends his time in CrossFit, enjoying family road trips, and listening to science fiction & fantasy audiobooks.

Kai Stowers (he/him) is a former chemist who became fascinated with the human side of organizations. He is a certified Integral Coach, a mindfulness practitioner, and has a Master's degree in Organizational Psychology from Teachers College, Columbia University. He is currently a consultant in Organization Development and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion, partnering with leaders who seek to transform their organizations. 

He is based in the San Francisco Bay Area and enjoys hiking, yoga, hockey, and playing the cello.

Kate is a clinical social worker with 15 years of experience. She loves providing therapy to kids, teens, adults, families, and groups- first working in school systems and now as a private practitioner. Facilitating groups at Pace is different from her other work- it is something really unique and special. She loves the opportunity to foster connection, community, and true growth between group members through all the celebration, the tears, the a-ha moments, and the haha moments! All of it is welcome in her groups, heaviness, lightness, sorrow, and joy. There’s so much healing and community that can happen when brave souls like you show up and open up as your fully human selves.

It is fair to say Kate is a Pace superfan, or stan, if you will… She came to Pace first as a participant and absolutely fell in love with the process. Her appreciation of the magic that can happen in groups and across the whole Pace community is what compelled her to become a Pace facilitator. She’s dedicated to providing for the same growth and connection she witnessed and experienced time and again as a participant. Outside of Pace, Kate is her happiest self surrounded by friends or family shooting the breeze or cracking jokes.

Kathryn is licensed as a Marriage and Family Therapist, meaning that she understands people based on the people and environment around them. After earning a BFA in Dance from Webster University in St. Louis, Kathryn taught dance and group exercise, eventually becoming certified as a personal trainer in Los Angeles. Noticing how emotional, mental, and social factors impacted how fitness clients felt about their bodies, as well as the emotional, mental, and social limitations that kept clients from achieving their goals, Kathryn decided that a Masters in Clinical Psychology was the necessary next step to guiding her clients towards health. Kathryn earned her M.A. from Pepperdine University and is certified by the American Council on Exercise. When she’s not helping people feel better about themselves and their relationships, she loves blues dancing, writing, and laughing with her husband.

With Katie at the helm, you can expect a relaxed and supportive atmosphere. As head of group operations, she’s a pro at running our New members only! sessions. Katie’s warm personality and warm laugh will have you settled in and diving into all parts of your life with other members.

"𝐓𝐡𝐞 𝐭𝐰𝐨 𝐦𝐨𝐬𝐭 𝐢𝐦𝐩𝐨𝐫𝐭𝐚𝐧𝐭 𝐝𝐚𝐲𝐬 𝐢𝐧 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐥𝐢𝐟𝐞 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐚𝐫𝐞 𝐛𝐨𝐫𝐧 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐝𝐚𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮 𝐟𝐢𝐧𝐝 𝐨𝐮𝐭 𝐰𝐡𝐲." – 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐤 𝐓𝐰𝐚𝐢𝐧 I've known that I'm passionate about helping people grow and develop since I was 12 when Mrs. Butler, my sixth-grade teacher, let me teach the class fractions. That passion for helping people develop has only continued to grow. As a Pace Facilitator, I empower people to accelerate their individual growth while developing deep and meaningful connections with others. An essential part of helping people connect with their full potential is understanding that each person is unique, with different knowledge, experiences, and abilities. Accordingly, my style builds awareness that inspires passion, sharing, and giving.I earned my MBA and BBA from Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Although a North Jersey native, I'm now firmly planted in the Philadelphia area, where I live with my family.

Hello there! I am Kay. My special interests are authenticity, individuality, and belongings. They have been the focus of own my personal development journey and led me to eventually become an NLP Coach certified in Mental Health Coaching. There used to be a time I couldn’t share my feelings and thoughts with anybody, let alone in a group setting. But I learned over time that sharing my honest self is a powerful ingredient for everyday inspiration and personal growth. And don’t forget—it is a natural need we all have. So come to the group just the way you are. We will unlock the emotional connections together. Looking forward to meeting you!

I’m Kimberly, an educator, mentor, dialogue facilitator, seeker of divine wisdom, and fellow earth sojourner. I bring over 20 years of experience leading and facilitating group interactions - across a broad array of settings, including educational, corporate, and nonprofit, as well as within the context of smaller spiritually grounded contexts. I am drawn to deep conversations and inspired by learning collaboratively from and with others. I earned my Ph.D. at the University of California, Santa Barbara, where my research on dialogic relations examined the magic that emerges in transient “we-spaces.” These are spaces of copresence that are co-created when we turn toward others with openness and vulnerability. It is a way of being with others that requires more of us AND affords more between us. What I cherish most in facilitating groups are those moments when we are caught up and carried away. These moments are infused with the vitality, as new meanings, shared understandings, and insights emerge. This is at the heart of why I’m thrilled to be a part of Pace. I believe our work together as a group will not only empower our own personal growth, but the rippling effects have the potential to light up the world. In my groups, you can expect deep soulful listening and inquiry, mutual involvement, and moments of emergent wisdom and insight that make us feel more fully alive and deeply connected. I look forward to our encounter!

I’m a certified life coach who specializes in relationships & marriage, behavior & mental health, and general life. As a seasoned entrepreneur and owner of Coach Wright Consulting, I’m based in Atlanta, GA. but I’ve worked with people all over the globe.

I chose to become a Pace Facilitator because the mission aligns with my passion to help people know themselves better, which leads to the ability to manage life better. I have led groups where I’ve seen relationships take major turns, and I’ve seen some people arrive at a place where they decide to choose differently for themselves. I’ve also facilitated groups where individuals may have struggled with certain thoughts or fears, sometimes for years, and end up conquering them by learning how to process them. What I value most about facilitating groups is seeing people thrive in their own lives, in ways they never thought they could.

Future members should know that I am not just a life coach, but that I practice the same development principles in my own life. I am genuine, authentic, compassionate, and non-judgmental. I have lived abroad, I have great energy, and I have a 12-year-old Yorkie named Max. Those who choose to join my group can expect to be seen, heard, and respected.

‘Once we embrace the notion that we are the managers and CEOs of our own lives, we become empowered to answer this question: How do I want to show up in this moment?’

La’Wanda Maxwell (She, Her, Hers) is PLC ICF certified Life Coach, and owner of Career Destination Coaching. She is a facilitator, career coach, entrepreneur, and Marriage and Family Therapist. She was born in St Thomas the U.S Virgin Islands but considers Texas home. She was raised with a military background and has traveled to various parts of the world. She has chosen to become a pace facilitator because she is passionate about helping people along their healing journey. She does this through intentional relationship building and creating a safe space for all members to be their authentic selves. Utilizing solution-focused therapy, compassion, playfulness, and creativity. She welcomes laughter and tears.

Outside of Pace, you will find La’Wanda traveling outside the country, hanging out with family and friends, playing tennis, and volunteering at her church.

Hello! I am a licensed clinical social worker, a liberation-focused healer, an educator, and a mom. I chose to become a Pace Facilitator because I wanted to explore other ways to foster meaningful connections with others. I truly enjoy facilitating groups because groups can create a space for safety, vulnerability, and growth. I believe that we can evolve so much more together within a community. I received my Master of Social Work degree from the University of South Carolina and my B.S. in Sociology degree from Lander University. I have worked with individuals from all walks of life. I enjoy learning about others as well as learning from others. Much of my professional work centers around anti-oppressive education and liberated-focused healing practices. I am known for my authentic and down-to-earth personality. I love to laugh because I believe laughter is good for the soul so you can expect some humor inserted from time to time. Some of my personal interests include outdoor activities, traveling, arts and crafts, and music. I look forward to connecting with you!

Laura Mauroy LiCSW (she/her/hers) offers a warm, inviting, and compassionate approach to working with individuals throughout life. Personal transformation and life transitions can be opportunities for reflection, healing, insight, awareness, and newness; a journey toward health and happiness. Laura holds the space for individuals to be present with their experience, whether tears of pain and suffering, anxiety, fear, laughter, joy, or happiness.

Laura Mauroy is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker and a therapist at Laurel River Counseling llc in Massachusetts. She received her master's degree from the University of Georgia. Laura has spent over a decade working as a hospice social worker and bereavement counselor. Prior to her master's degree, she worked as a naturalist providing environmental education and backpacking trips to inner city youth in California and Colorado.

Laura moved back to New England, where she was originally raised, to assist in the care for her aging mother. Laura's personal time is spent enjoying the outdoors, hiking, paddle boarding, bicycling and gardening. Laura also enjoys making music with others. She plays guitar and sings, and recently started to learn both the mandolin and banjo. Evening time is one of her favorite times, when her family comes together to play board games.

I originally joined Pace as a member. I had started working exclusively from home and liked the idea of online meet-ups in a small group format. I’m happy to say I found community here, and I’m grateful to have rejoined as a facilitator.

I previously taught Deaf and Hard of Hearing students for ten years and mentored teachers joining the field along the way. I still put those skills to use as a sign language interpreter and now Pace facilitator. Outside of work, I feel lucky to be able to say I have a supportive wife and awesome kid. We’re also moms to dogs, chickens, and a cat. I’m an abstract mixed media painter as well, and I love to connect with other artists.

In my groups, I hope to foster an environment of comfort and authenticity, where we connect through commonalities and empathy but welcome new perspectives and value thought-provoking conversation. I’ve been through enough “laugh or cry” moments in my life to have learned the value of a sense of humor. In my struggle with the social anxiety that so often accompanies neurodivergence, I’ve learned that you can only find your people by being yourself. Like so many others, I’ve had to unlearn people-pleasing, untie perfectionism and productivity from self-worth, and replace those priorities with self-care, -advocacy, growth, rest, and healing. We’re all works in progress, so I invite you to come as you are and put your mask down when you’re ready.

Lauren is a Life Coach, Sourdough Lover and Mama. At work, she's passionate about teaching others to make room for meaningful conversations and self-reflection to better know themselves and the people they care about. At home, she's always experimenting with something new in the kitchen or going on an adventure with her family. Ask her about what she's learning or what she's baking.

Lenda Faye Matthews is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC) and Spiritual Guide. Lenda Faye partners with individuals to create safe encounters which promote justice, provide support, and facilitate transformation throughout the life cycle. As Counselor and Guide, Lenda Faye navigates the margins inviting questions, relationship. reflection, health, and growth in individual and small group opportunities.

Lenda Faye received a Master of Education in Counselor Education from University of New Orleans in New Orleans, Louisiana and a Master of Divinity from the Interdenominational Theological Center in Atlanta, Georgia. Lenda Faye is certified as a National Certified Counselor (NCC).

Currently, Lenda Faye coordinates and provides services to a Specialty Court Initiative in Jefferson Parish Louisiana. Lenda Faye enjoys quiet moments, reading, music, scrabble, traveling, relaxing, and jigsaw puzzles.

First and foremost, Lo is a lover of life and wants to support others in (re-)discovering the passion and joy in their lives! By being comfortable and confident with herself, she hopes to inspire others to do the same. She believes that in order to change the world, we each need to take responsibility for our own healing and growth.Lo loves small group settings because the power of connection, compassion, and perspectives is both incredible and transformative.

In her groups, you can expect reflective questions, support, energy, and playfulness! Lo is a formally trained Life Coach (through the Co-Active Institute), Advanced Energy Psychology Facilitator (PSYCH-K®), and trauma-informed (CCTS-I) professional. In addition to helping her clients, she has transformed her own life, overcoming anxiety and depression, body dysmorphia, and limiting beliefs about life, love, work, and money.

Lori Rolf (pronouns: she/her) is a Licensed Independent Clinical Social Worker who is passionate about creating a safe and healing space that embraces connection, empathy, exploration, and creativity. She believes in the power of mutual empathy within the group process to foster personal growth through connection with others.

Lori received her Masters in Social Work from Augsburg College in Minneapolis, MN. She also has a Certificate in Addiction Studies and for the past 13 years has provided counseling to individuals experiencing mental health and substance use disorders. She specializes in providing treatment services that are strengths based and trauma informed.

In her personal life, Lori enjoys cooking, reading, and being outdoors. She is an adventurer at heart and excited to travel the country in her Airstream while exploring new mountain bike trails and rock climbing routes with her Boyfriend.

As a licensed professional counselor, Dr. Malkema Martin seeks to effectively guide her clients to positive life decisions. She focuses on building a trusting therapeutic relationship with clients and creating a judgment free environment in which individuals can freely discuss their needs, concerns, and overall wellbeing. Dr. Martin has been advocating and promoting mental health within urban communities for the last 5 years.

Dr. Martin received her Bachelor’s in Psychology from Spelman College and her Master’s in Clinical Counseling from Eastern Illinois University. Dr. Martin received her Ph.D. in Counselor Education & Supervision at the Chicago School for Professional Psychology.

In her spare time, Dr. Martin enjoys traveling, spending time with friends and family, and living an active to help promote her own wellness and growth efforts.

Hi! My name is Marci Weinstein. I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker and Kripalu yoga teacher. I currently work as a well-being coach, holistic psychotherapist and integrative yoga instructor in Austin, Texas.

I received my MSSW from Columbia University and my 200 hour YTT from Kripalu School of yoga and meditation. Outside of Pace, you can find me spending time in nature, swimming, dancing, journaling, and baking. Through leading groups over the last five years, I have enjoyed watching group members learn to connect more deeply with both themselves and others. In our Pace groups together, you can expect me to show up as my most authentic and curious self. Looking forward to connecting with you!

I am first and foremost an enthusiastic and engaged student of life. I love learning and I love life in all its fullness… BOTH are so much richer when shared with others. Facilitating, and participating in, meaningful, connective groups creates an upward spiral for our very human needs of connection (honesty, trust, and vulnerability), personal and collective growth, and wise action in our day-to-day lives. Not to mention, it lights me up! In my groups expect to show up fully human, fully accepted, and be ready to authentically share and openly listen to other members as we engage in the dance of mutuality and diversity to live and grow in ways both expressed and unexpected. Expect to be lit up!

I am an extrovert/ hugger- I enjoy interacting with people; connection gives me energy, yet, I deeply value my time with silence to decompress and replenish. I hold a bachelor's degree in Psychology and am a Certified Professional Coach with a specialty in transition coaching. Beyond the degrees and certifications, I am well-traveled in this journey called life. I have experienced trauma in my childhood and as an adult; I've survived domestic violence, the loss of a partner, one of my siblings, and the loss of myself (figuratively) at some points. I've struggled with finding my self-worth, boundaries, and my voice. Hidden in the growth of my brokenness, I discovered my purpose to see others in theirs and support them through their journey. My sweet spot is the ability to compassionately help people transition from painful experiences or challenging situations in their life to discover their superpowers.

My coaching and group specialty are working with individuals navigating their way through transition-altering moments in their lives; in search of finding their balance and a better sense of self and well-being. Groups have unique abilities to bring people together in a way that 1:1 interactions can't. There is something magical about vulnerability in front of others who share the same experiences, coupled with acknowledgment and validation of feeling heard and seen...its powerful! My appreciation for the power of connection and vulnerability aligns with Pace and the magic they create within their platform. I have facilitated groups for nearly ten years and it has been a joy holding a safe space to spark self-awareness, connection, and growth. As a facilitator, I pride myself on creating a safe for my groups to feel like they are "coming home" to each other when we meet, and I am sure you will too!

Marika Dillon, MA, is a warm, caring, insightful group facilitator with nearly 20 years of professional experience working with various diverse populations and providing counseling and coaching services. She is dedicated to creating safe, supportive, creative spaces that encourage profound shifts and meaningful transformations for those she works with.  

After graduating with her master’s degree from Southwestern College in Santa Fe, NM, she immersed herself in her profession. She worked in many different settings, including as a university counselor, in school settings, with military populations (US and overseas), in agencies, and in private practice. She also has a background in Art Therapy, Wilderness Therapy, Somatic Therapies, Creative Life Design/Life Purpose Coaching, and yoga instruction. 

When not working with others she’s focused on her own personal growth, her community, connecting with long-time friends, making art, gardening, spending time outside; and learning how to always be a better partner, parent, and overall human. 

While she looks forward to each of her groups and getting to know the incredible members, she especially cherishes watching connections form as people learn and grow with each other. “We are definitely not meant to be doing our lives alone. Community just makes sense—it’s what we’re drawn toward.”

Mary Kate Schutt, ACC makes magic by co-creating spaces for you to let your guard down and see your common humanity. Her empathy and deep listening allows her to easily attune to your energies and emotions. She brings a mix of exuberance and calm to a group, which makes for fun-loving and thoughtful conversation.

Mary Kate’s professional experience over the past seven years includes the study, practice, and teaching of positive psychology, mindfulness, and community health for organizations and universities. She’s received several positive psychology-based certifications and holds an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) credential through the International Coaching Federation.

Mary Kate became a group coach due to her belief that real connection helps us realize we’re not alone in our thoughts, feelings, and very human experiences. It’s through our ups and downs that we can see each other as human and foster more compassion towards ourselves and others. In her free time, you can typically find Mary Kate dancing at a local concert, tending to her plants, making pottery, or romping around with any combination of her nine nieces and nephews.

My name is Matt (he/him), and I am very excited to facilitate spaces of meaningful connection and emotional support through Pace. My career has involved leading groups and teams and creating meaningful developmental experiences in higher education and nonprofit settings. I am trained as a health and wellness coach and have extensive experience facilitating dialogue and crafting group engagement opportunities for college students, young adults, and professionals. I have led groups on leadership skills, navigating transitions, wellness, goal-setting, values clarification, community connection, and many other topics. What I value most about facilitating connection in groups is the opportunity for each member to tap into their authentic selves, and for other group members to share and celebrate that authenticity in each other. Group connection can evoke new moments of clarity, insight, and vulnerability, and I am excited to share that with Pace group members. Members who join a group with me can expect joy, laughter, curiosity, and a safe space to be themselves.

Matthew is a Facilitator and Clinician at Pace. He is passionate about providing member-centered, values-based groups, helping people:

  1. Gain insight into their emotional and behavioral experiences; and,

  2. Guiding people as they develop meaningful emotional connections in their lives.

He’s become a huge advocate for group work at the VA and for his own self-care. What you can expect from him as a group facilitator is authenticity, connection, and humility.

In his free time, Matthew enjoys spending time by the ocean, hanging out with his two dogs and watching the sunset. Born and raised in New York City, he currently spends time living in New York and San Francisco.

Melody Brooke (she/her/hers) is an open hearted present professional dedicated to growth and human potential. Her clients describe her as energetic, creative, insightful and caring. Melody is passionate about helping people discover more parts of themselves and inviting all of their parts to more actively participate in a creative and empowered life.

Melody graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1987 and has experience working with adults, adolescents and children in both inpatient and outpatient settings. Initially she worked with adolescents and their families in an inpatient setting at Arbor Creek Hospital in Sherman, Texas. She then developed and ran a Dissociative and Traumatic Stress Unit at the famous Timberlawn Mental Health Hospital in Dallas, Texas. Since that time she has been in private practice in the Dallas, Texas area. Her book, Oh Wow this changes everything, published in 2012, presents the model she developed after working with these populations.

Moving to Denver, Colorado in September 2020 allowed Melody to spend more time with two of her adult daughters and their families in the area. She enjoys the beautiful landscape of Colorado where she skis, enjoys hiking, and a regular yoga practice. In addition to her extensive background in counseling, she is an award winning professional actor, director, and screenwriter.

Hi, My name is Michelle Evans and I am beyond excited to be a Facilitator with Pace!! My credentials are as follows, BSc, MA, ICF Certified Life Coach, and CRAR Certified Recovery Coach. My background stems from a variety of global experiences as an HR professional and an ICF Certified Life Coach. I have been working with and facilitating groups from both large global companies and start-ups, having worked in London, Europe & US, with parents, adolescents, and within the fitness industry.I enjoy working in groups and bring immense optimism and open-mindedness, allowing every participant to be heard and have a voice whilst eliciting deep and meaningful discussions. My group members can expect thought-provoking and rich conversations. I invite every member to bring their authentic selves to each session....our time together will be fun, challenging, and meaningful. I know everyone has something to give and I want everyone to have a voice, share, ask questions, and challenge each other to grow. A little about me! I am extremely grateful for my health and family and friends. I am an avid gym rat and enjoy powerlifting as well as road biking and running. I have been successful in finishing a marathon and achieving podium finishes in multiple triathlons. When I am not working out I enjoy spending time with my husband and 3 children in CO.

I am a feminist ICF-certified coach, public speaker, and professor specializing in cultivating brave spaces where people can explore, connect, and show up authentically. My approach to group facilitation is rooted in curiosity, humor, and trust in each individual’s wholeness and resilience. Nobody needs “fixing” around here. After earning a Ph.D. in Women’s and Gender Studies from Clark University, I taught in Croatia as a Fulbright Scholar and led diverse collaborative programs worldwide. My private coaching practice focuses on helping glass-shatterers disrupt limiting beliefs and perfectionism to gain confidence and make their unique impact in the world. You will also find me whipping up the latest cabbage recipe, scoping out new coffee shops, sleeping on a redeye flight somewhere between Chicago and Zagreb, Croatia, or hanging out with my family.

I'm a mom of two young, active boys. When I'm not running around after them, I love to work with people to help them get to know and feel comfortable with themselves as they are--this is what drew me to Pace! Formerly I taught special education and it was my goal to have my students feel confident in their abilities and comfortable with themselves. In my groups, expect to be challenged to grow but always supported. Also, there will be laughter because life is funny.

Monique Wischusen, LMFT, (she/her) owner of Aspire Counseling, LLC, is a therapist in private practice who approaches her therapeutic work from a strengths-based and mindful perspective with an emphasis on embracing your human-ness. Monique is constantly evolving and working on her own self-growth and is passionate about staying curious and fostering that in others.

Monique received her Master of Science in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Southern Mississippi. Her post-master's clinical training and experience have taken place in many different settings such as in-home therapy, head start schools, churches, IOP, in-patient facilities, and group practices. She has run groups with a variety of populations and ages in these locations with a range of topics such as stress management, boundaries, parenting and couple support, and spirituality. Outside of Pace, Monique is married to her husband and mama to her 3-year-old daughter and 2 dogs. She enjoys spending time hiking, canoeing, reading comics, and thinking about what tattoo she is going to get next.

I am a joyful, curious human committed to uncovering the lessons that cross my path and journey through this life excited to see what unfolds. The first chapter of my professional career was in education. Walking alongside my students as they figured out who they were, who they wanted to be, and how they wanted to show up for themselves. I left the Dean’s Office and began my second chapter as a coach dedicated to starting honest conversations about how we sacrifice ourselves for our careers and dim our light in the process. My sweet spot is working with professionals around burnout prevention and recovery to untangle patterns of self-sabotage and create new habits to honor who they are & what they need. Holding up a mirror and tapping into the wisdom in the room is what I love about facilitating groups. The wisdom we seek is within and sometimes we need someone to guide us to it. Anticipate questions, curiosity, wonderings, laughter, silence, tears, vulnerability, and unwavering belief that you are fully capable to tackle anything that comes your way. In my free time, you can find me in the kitchen, on a hiking trail, wandering the beach, on my yoga mat, curled up reading a book or recording a new episode of my podcast.

Identity of your facilitator will be revealed at session! All our Mystery facilitators have attended 100 or more sessions here at Pace, are titans in their career field, and have worked with groups in a variety of settings. Each Mystery facilitator is also a founding team member here, and lives and breaths all things Pace.

Hi, I’m Ré and I love being a Pace Facilitator because we get to explore, grow and play in a beautiful space of curiosity. I have been facilitating groups for the last 5 years in workshops, online group programs, certified life coaches, breathwork, and spiritual retreats. What I cherish most about my groups is seeing the personal breakthroughs and transformations that everyone has. We all simply mirror reflecting parts of our consciousness to one another; this is the key to relationship mastery, emotional connection, and what I call the magic to change and growth. I’m a trailblazer with a little bit of a hippy spiritual vibe who holds my groups with one major key element… love. I look forward to seeing you soon!

Samantha Silverberg, M.A., L.P.C. (She/Her/Hers) is an empathic and supportive professional. As a therapist and doctoral candidate, she is passionate about creating space for individuals to explore and grow. Samantha has a friendly, warm presence and deep dedication to the people she works with. This builds a collaborative and thoughtful approach to emotional well-being and genuine connection.

Sam received her M.A. in Psychology through the New School and La Salle University and is a current doctoral candidate at Fielding Graduate University. Sam has worked in various mental health settings focused on supporting individuals through trauma-based interventions while also developing programming to implement trauma-informed care throughout clinics and hospital settings.

Outside of Pace, Sam enjoys traveling and trying new activities with her husband and toddler. Her first career as a musician keeps her busy playing with a band and having any chance to see and experience all forms of live music.

My style is compassionate, humorous, warm and deeply honest. My groups are a safe and powerful place for people to witness one another as we transform, grow and achieve goals while also recovering from the painful aspects of our lives. I take inspiration from the first group I ever participated in as a younger adult - one that I joined after being diagnosed with a challenging, incurable disease precipitated by trauma and the early death of a parent. In a world where alienation and putting up a protective front is the norm, my groups are designed to be a place of relief where everyone can keep it REAL. 

I got my start in executive leadership for a public company but later pivoted to mental health research, behavioral health and coaching. My work in mental health includes time spent at the Veterans Health Administration, National Center for PTSD and Rape Trauma Services. Most recently, I led and designed the behavioral health coaching program for a large biotech and telemedicine company. I’m also a national board certified coach who approaches my work from a social justice and activist lens. I live in San Francisco and I spend my free time socializing, traveling, meditating, hiking, reading or volunteering.

Dr. Sasha Scott (She/Her/Hers) is passionate about helping individuals explore the mind-body connection and deepen their understanding of themselves while building inner strength. She strives to create an environment that is open, interactive, and allows individuals to express themselves freely.

Dr. Scott received her Psy.D. in Clinical Psychology at Argosy University. She has had extensive training within the VA Healthcare system specializing in Clinical Health Psychology as a Primary Care Mental Health Integrated (PCMHI) Psychologist. She is also an active member on the Diversity Committee helping to grow the VA system.

In her free time, Dr. Scott enjoys engaging in a variety of activities both outdoors and indoors, especially those that her dog can attend. She seeks out opportunities that allow her to grow both physically and emotionally.

Sigrid Rapp is a warm and empathetic professional who navigates life with a sense of curiosity and optimism. As a transformation coach and facilitator, she is passionate about helping others live life authentically. She strives to create a supportive environment that promotes self-reflection, compassion, and growth.

Sigrid is an Associate Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation and earned her bachelor's degree in Communication Studies from Texas Tech University. She is a TRACOM® Certified Social Style & Versatility Instructor, facilitating workshops on topics like growth mindset, resilience, and mindful leadership. As a coach, she works primarily with corporate professionals, graduate students, aspiring leaders, and working parents.

Sigrid lives in Dallas with her two teenage boys and labrador, Chewy. In her free time, she enjoys nature walks, connecting with friends, and traveling to beach or hiking destinations. 

Dr. Sophia Ben-Hamoo is a health psychologist who focuses on bringing more vitality, meaning, and inspiration to everyday life. She approaches therapy from a lens that is both intellectual and creative, to catalyze intentional change and foster optimal well-being.

Following her doctoral training at the University of Denver, Dr. Sophia completed her internship and post-doctoral fellowship in Pediatric Health Psychology at Primary Children’s Hospital. She also studied Creative Arts Therapies, with a focus on therapeutic yoga for chronically ill children.

Dr. Sophia’s passion for healthy living extends beyond her time at work. In her free hours, she enjoys surfing, hiking, cooking for her friends, or searching for the next best live music to boogie down to.

Hi! I'm Dr. Sophia - a genuine, personable, and deeply compassionate individual. I love to get real, go deep, and to laugh lots and that's what you can expect when you join one of my groups in the amazing virtual world of Pace.


Outside of Pace, I am a Health Psychologist and Happiness & Relationship Coach. Whether one-on-one or in groups, I help people worldwide develop real confidence, fulfilling relationships, and lasting happiness that comes from within and can't be rattled by external circumstances. I know, without a doubt, that healing from the past, navigating challenging emotions and situations, and building better habits and relationships is easier and more rewarding when we do it together. So I say let's do it together!


I am also a big fan of journaling as a form of self-exploration and self-love and have published 4 journals, including The 5-Minute Gratitude Journal, The Happiness Journal, The Soul Journal, and my latest creation, The Couple's Gratitude Journal.


When I'm not immersed in my passions, I love moving my body— hiking, yoga, paddle boarding, and Latin partner dancing (Salsa and Bachata). I also cherish activities that nurture my emotional and intellectual well-being like reading, music, reflective journaling, and deep connections with cherished friends.


So, if you're ready to embark on a journey of growth, laughter, and authentic connections, I can't wait to welcome you to one of my groups in the incredible virtual world of Pace!

Summer Myers (she/her) is warm, caring, and real. She laughs a bunch and isn't afraid of tears. As a hopelessly creative and emotionally sensitive person trying to survive in a weird world, she finds life in dark humor, connecting with others, and art-making of all kinds. Borne from personal experience, Summer especially loves connecting with folks in the creative, chronic illness, and ex-religious communities.

Summer attended Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, earning her MA in Marital and Family Therapy with an emphasis in Clinical Art Therapy. Outside of Pace groups, she offers clinical services online across the states of Ohio and California, helping folks use art and connection to overcome anxiety, perfectionism, and chronic guilt.

When she's not on the clock, Summer loves to paint in her basement studio or walk through the woods with her family and their two dogs. She does surprisingly well at pub trivia and tolerably well at plucking the banjo.

My name is T'Airra but feel free to call me T. I chose to become a Pace Facilitator because I believe in the power of representation and connection. I have had the pleasure of leading various groups ranging in topics. In all of these experiences, we have grown through the process. If you work with me expect it to be authentic and genuine.

Thane Marcus Ringler is a former professional golfer now dedicated to unlocking the potential in others. As a Development Coach and Leadership Guide, he works with individuals, teams, and organizations on improving performance and becoming leaders worth following. He is the co-founder and podcast host of The Up & Comers Show, as well as a speaker and the author of two books: From Here To There: A Quarter-Life Perspective On The Path To Mastery, and Catalysts For Hope: Unlocking Energy, Optimism, And Your Full Potential.

Thane's mission is to help others live and work better. He is passionate about speaking about the journey from the journey and is striving to empower this generation to take ownership of their lives and never settle for less than they are capable of.

Thane lives in Denver, CO with his wife Evan. If he's not golfing, snowboarding, or doing other sports, outdoor activities, or fitness challenges, then you will probably find him making a beautiful cup of coffee, enjoying a riveting book, or having intentional and meaningful conversations with humans he loves.

Living authentically as yourself is a huge value for Thane, and creating spaces where others can do the same is necessary. You can expect a group and an experience that encourages you to be fully yourself and accepts you as you are, while also calling you to what you can be. At the end of the day, we are all human, and each one of us is just trying to figure it out.

Tiffany Huggins is a dedicated and driven mental health professional. As a licensed mental health counselor, she helps children and adults navigate their way through challenging life situations with compassion while helping to foster hope for the future.

Tiffany received her MEd from Winthrop University in Rock Hill, SC,. Tiffany has been trained in Mental Health 1st Aid, certified as a Disaster Mental Health Crisis Response Specialist, and is the final steps of being a certified Emergency Responder and Public Safety Clinician.

In addition to working as a Pace Facilitator, Tiffany enjoys crafting, exploring restaurants and food trucks in the Charlotte area, and is active in the local chapter of her sorority.

Tori (she/her) believes that we are all on a hero’s journey - embarking on adventures, facing challenges, and evolving along the way. She has a superpower for creating an inclusive space for groups to connect for deeper insights. Tori combines the latest research and science-based holistic techniques integrated with social and emotional wellness, neuroscience, and mindfulness. Tori holds a Master’s of Arts in Integrative Health & Healing, Certified ICF Executive and Career Coach, Certified (AADP) Health Coach, Certified Strategic Life Coach, and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Associate Practitioner. Tori is based in New York City with her three young daughters (including twins).

Vicky Jocelin, a Licensed Master of Social Work, is based out of New York City. Vicky obtained her M.S.W in 2016 at Lehman College and became a licensed social worker in 2017. For 5 years Vicky worked in New York City at a community-based program helping over-age and under credited students earn their high school diplomas. Currently, Vicky works in impoverished neighborhoods to help end the stigma of mental illness and bridge the gap in mental health services. Additionally, Vicky works as a telephonic counselor answering the calls of individuals in psychological distress.

Vicky is passionate about mental health awareness and believes her purpose is to build a culture of wellness. Vicky’s motivational life quote is: “If you come to help me you’re wasting your time, but if you’ve come because your mission is bonded with mine then you’ve come to the right place”.- Lila Watson.

Greetings, I am Vicky, I am the friend you want to spend your days with, I am the sister that tells you like it is, I am the thoughtful daughter that warms your heart, and the adventurous best friend that you can count on to be by your side. Navigating the world can be a daunting task however, it is my inherent belief that you don’t have to face it alone. I have found my passion in being there for people, and Pace creates the place for us to be a “present” for each other. Emotional connections create opportunities to express joy, pain, success, and a place to ask questions. Group members can expect a room filled with optimism, joy, and happiness with a touch of honesty, accountability, and love. Join me as we lean on each other on our journey towards growth and development.

Dr. Vivian Oberling is the Founding Psychologist at Pace and a strong proponent of the power of groups in unlocking emotional connection together. She's also a licensed clinical psychologist who has dedicated her career to improving the lives of clients across the lifespan. Background-wise, she's been trained and worked in academic centers and hospitals (Stanford, CPMC, Kaiser and Rady Children's), and utilizes evidence-based treatments and research to enhance non-clinical, supportive services.

In her free time you'll find Vivian running after her sassy, but loving children, attempting various baking challenges, and enjoying (one too many) lattes.

William Thiele, PhD, serves as founding director of the School for Contemplative Living, adjunct professor at Loyola University New Orleans, certified Compassion Cultivation Training teacher, spiritual director, and licensed professional counselor in private practice. He is author of Monks in the World, (Wipf & Stock, 2014). He has an adult son and three grandkids after 42 years of marriage, and loves walking meditation in nature and authentic sharing in groups.

I am a Certified Professional Life Coach, Facilitator, Consultant and Speaker with 15+ years of experience, and a diverse and broad-based background in coaching, training, consulting, mentoring, and leadership. When I'm asked about my love for coaching I say, “My goal is simple; I invite people into the heart of transformation by creating a connection to their passion, their purpose, and their unlimited potential through personal and professional development!” I have coached many people over the years with assisting them in overcoming personal and professional obstacles to achieve their goals. We work together to identify personal strengths and weaknesses to build confidence. Essentially, my overall goal is to help close the gap between who you are and who you want to be.