Sahar Dorani

Dr. Sahar Dorani is a second-generation, Iranian-American psychologist. She specializes in working with people experiencing mood and/or anxiety symptoms; both are also areas of great interest (clinically and in research). She aims to help people develop insight into what may be contributing to their struggles in an effort to empower others, and to support them in building on their strengths. She is also interested in concerns around identity development and exploration, particularly the intersection of multiple identities.

Dr. Dorani earned her Doctor of Psychology (PsyD) degree from The Wright Institute in Berkeley, California in 2015. Most recently, she worked at UC Berkeley providing brief psychotherapy to students in the university’s primary care clinic. This service is part of a new collaborative care model that will likely be implemented across the other UC’s; the goal of this program is to provide mental health support in medical settings that usually do not have therapists on staff (i.e., primary care). She highly values reducing the barriers (and challenging the stigma) around seeking mental health services.

Sahar enjoys painting with acrylic paints and exploring new creative endeavors when not working. She has participated in community art shows with local artists. She also continues to learn more about Middle Eastern languages and poetry.